Do politics make you nervous? Do you just totally avoid the topic altogether when you’re on dates? Maureen Tara Nelson, the owner of MTN Matchmaking, says that politics in dating can be a tricky scenario.
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If you can’t bear the subject at all, avoid the topic for the first 3 dates to see if you truly have an interest in the person. The people who avoid the subject usually have more success in dating someone with opposing political views. So good for you, if you totally don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable by your views, you’ll likely have more success in relationships, go figure. Number 1 rule: be respectful. If you have something you’re so passionate about, and your date isn’t at least respectful of that, dump them. If they can’t take and respect your opinions on socioeconomic views, what makes you think that they’ll care and respect you for something else. People on the right and left always will find one another, so make sure you approach the topic with respect and logic because we don’t want an argument starting before the appetizers.
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But, if it’s something you are truly passionate about, make sure you preface it within the first 2 dates so that your partner is thwarted from falling in love with you, haha. At MTN Matchmaking, we take into consideration your opinions on dating someone of opposing political views. Make sure to call 1-888-31MATCH or inquire on

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