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Happy Chanukkah!                                                    Merry Christmas! 

Single Holiday Parties

During the holiday party season, it’s tough to get a date that will impress and entertain you and your friends. Of course you want someone you like, find attractive, and have things in common; by signing up with MTN Matchmaking you can be be dating this month with our fabulous clients. 

” By coming to MTN Matchmaking, you are going to be set up with clients that have gone through a screening process, like a felony background check, and a personality assessment. This ensures that you and your fellow dates are the best of the best on Long Island!”                                    – Maureen Tara Nelson                                                                                        (owner)

Don’t go stag, bring a date from MTN Matchmaking!

We currently have gift certificates too! Call 631-577-7940

Maureen Tara Nelson

Author Maureen Tara Nelson

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