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Male, 27, 31, Long Island, NY 

My mom works almost like 80 hours a week as a business owner. She lives, breathes, and sleeps work. She loves her job, but it’s interfearing with her personal life, and preventing her from dating after her divorce. We want to tell her that she should date more, but it always ends up getting ignored and pushed to the side. How do we convince her to make healthier decisions in her social life? 

Male, 27, 31, Long Island, NY 

I totally get where you’re coming from! I am a total workaholic, but you need to make sure to cut out time for yourself in order to be the best self for the workplace. Life is all about balance, as a Libra, I feel like we all need to take things with moderation, and if that’s work, than so be it. 

Work isn’t everything, the best legacy isn’t a business, it’s family, love, happiness. 

Maureen Tara Nelson

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