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New Year's Proposals

Bad Idea. Don’t Do it. Proposing on New Year’s eve is so cheesy and overplayed

Proposing on New Year’s eve is so cheesy and overplayed. It’s not unique, everyone does it. Yes, it’s cute because it’s the new year–blah-blah-blah, but doing so will take away from the personaliszation of the act.

Make sure to propose in a creative way, like the first place you met, your first date, their favorite place, or even in someplace completely new. The most important part is that you love each other and are ready to spend the rest of your lives together.

Proposing on New Year's eve is so cheesy and overplayed

At MTN Matchmaking, we are currently celebrating the marriages and proposals of our clients, and are so beyond proud! Congratulations!

Make sure to consider MTN Matchmaking for your dating experience, we have over 1000+ success stories in marriages, engagements, and partnerships!


Maureen Tara Nelson

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