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  1. Physical Exercise, obviously. Whenever people mention the new year, signing a gym membership is at the top of their list; although, instead you can join a yoga class or go jogging. Physical health also means taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally…
  2. Mental Health Awareness: This year especially, a light has been targeted on the stark reality of the mental health crisis in America. This new year, we have to be more aware, accepting, and accommodating of mental illness and it’s effects on the people, their peers, and society. Seek out a therapist (don’t be ashamed!); going to a therapist and or a mental health professional is extremely recommended because we need to purge all the anxiety, stress, and sadness from our psyche so we can continue to conquer ourselves.
  3. Consent! Unwanted sexual and inappropriate advances in and out of the workplace are never okay. We’ve only shed a light on the plague that is sexual assault and harassment this year, and continuing to do so will help convey the importance of consent in and out of sexual relationships.
  4. Go to a Matchmaker! Going to a matchmaker this year will make your life so much easier. Instead of bumble, swiper, or whatever they have nowadays, we should be looking for committed people who are within your qualifications. Coming to MTN Matchmaking (1-888-31MATCH) will simplify the dating experience down to qualified single clientele that are seeking commitment and love.
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