Okay, so we all know that it’s really dark and cold outside, like all the time. In order to combat the effects and symptoms of seasonal depression, lightening up the glum winter can have wonderful benefits.

  1. Make sure to spend as much time outside in the sunlight as possible. This entails waking up earlier to you have more time to soak up the sun. A vitamin D supplement is also a good idea to make up for lost sunlight.
  2. Drink Tea or Coffee (preferably tea) that energizes you with antioxidants and vitamins (like C, D, or, Ginger, and Immune Support). Supplementing tea for coffee in the winter allows your body to detox from the effects of overcaffeination. Just make sure to drink less tea, than you would coffee, because some teas have high amounts of caffeine.
  3. CBD Oil! This hemp derived oil has amazing benefits with the reduction of anxiety, pain, and stress. Using a vapor, cream, or gummy bears, CBD oil can be sold in most convenience stores in New York State and City.
  4. Buy a Happy Lamp; There are lamps for sale that use sun mimicking lights rays to help with the effects of seasonal depression and fatigue. Using one of these lamps is said to improve the symptoms and curb anxiety, stress, and depression from the lack of sun.
  5. Make sure to just get outside! Don’t let the lack of sun keep you inside; even though the sun pretty much sets at 4pm EST, going out in the dark can be sometimes better than during the day time. Enjoy the darkness and coziness of winter while we can! Don’t forget to marry the night


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