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Now when you call for information (516-444-2861) to set up your free consultation it can be done over the phone or through FaceTime from the comfort of your own home.

We are also having our clients do virtual dating which our clients are loving-Due to social distancing.

Ideas for a new view on 2019:


  1. Keep a journal and try to recap the best moments of your day or week.
  2. Make a list of preferred characteristics and attributes of your future soul mate in your journal and then throw it out! You shouldn’t be limiting your pool of potential singles; this year is about openness and acceptance, so we should be looking for potential singles that will treat you right and have a compatible personality.
  3. Make a list of 12 books to read every month when you have the time. Keeping your mind healthy and focused is a good way to maintain longevity and interest.
  4. Plan one day a week to do a self care routine. Shower, bath, face masks, ice cream, wine, and Netflix should suffice.
  5. Finally, consult a matchmaker! Going to a matchmaker like Maureen Tara Nelson is a wonderful way to start off the new year. Meeting qualified, personally selected, and compatible singles is what MTN Matchmaking does best! Come in now for an extended Gift Certificate program for yourself or someone you think would benefit from it.

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