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During the month of January, there are many single people scrambling to find a date with the right person. Otherwise, they are doomed to go stag to some party or gathering with their friends or family. MTN Matchmaking has been in business on Long Island for almost a decade and has over 1500 success stories; we have a finger on the pulse of Long Island and know what it takes to match our clients with compatible singles that match their expectations and personality. Maureen Tara Nelson uses her personality assessment and three part compatibility method to match her clients with people they can relate to, learn from, and eventually love.

January is the month of anticipation for Valentine’s Day.  Call MTN for a free consultation and the opportunity to find the love of your life on your own terms.


Make sure to take a hold of the MTN Matchmaking Certificate Program this month!

Call 1-888-31MATCH for more details.

Maureen Tara Nelson

Author Maureen Tara Nelson

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