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It’s a disaste. What should I do?

“It’s a disaster. My boyfriend moved in a couple of weeks ago, with his job, I thought. Later to find out, he’s been fired and he’s moved in to save money. What should I do?”

Female, 32


This is absolutely not okay! This isn’t cool at all, and it’s extremely manipulative. Never let a man take advantage of your financial stability. They should be fitting into your financial capabilities, and in doing this he’s taking advantage of your finances and living space. He also lied to you. Clearly, he isn’t truthful, and should not be trusted. Who knows what else he has lied about?

Something isn’t right here–the amount of times he lied makes him sound unstable and a moocher. Look at his relationship with his mother to see how he treats women.




Maureen Tara Nelson

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