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Don’t have a disaster on Valentine’s Day

Don’t have a disaster on Valentine’s Day. You have to plan at least a week or two in advance in order to make it work and worth it. Reservations are slim a week or two before valentines so you should call before that just to be safe.


1. Flowers. There must be flowers. Period. End Point. No exceptions but allergies.

2. Chocolates? Why not. If your S/O doesn’t like chocolate, go the salty route and bring her a bouquet of French fries.

3. The Date. It really doesn’t matter where you go, as long as it has meaning and worth to your S/O. Whether it be a restaurant, the ballet, a concert, or a stay at home dinner, the date has to be as beautiful as your S/O.

4. The clothes. Make sure to spruce up your suit, rent one, or buy a special one for the occasion, just make sure it isn’t heart printed designs. Make sure to plan ahead with your date so they have enough time to get ready as well. Picking out the best outfit shows how much you care about the other person, and making sure they have time to put makeup on will make them love you more.

So, you have the perfect date. Congratulations! And make sure to have fun and not take things so seriously, mistakes happen.




Maureen Tara Nelson


Maureen Tara Nelson

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