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The winter is the perfect time to plan for the spring and summer. Planning a vacation is the best idea for right now because we can put all our energy into something positive, instead of complaining about the frigid cold. Make sure you start saving now because we all know how expensive vacations can be.


  1. Plan a destination.
  2. Make sure your ideal vacation falls within your financial capabilities.
  3. Make the best of what you can have.
  4. Don’t be negative and be upset that you can’t go somewhere expensive; make the best of your circumstances and have a blast!
  5. Drink. Vacations are all about having fun with your friends and family, and we all know how they can be.


Make the best of the situation you are in. The world is really hard and divided, and we need people to brighten up the darkness we are in. Being positive can really change the way we perceive things, and Maureen Tara Nelson is all about emitting positive energy to uplift the winter.

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