Sometimes when people are dating for a while, they lose their identity. They don’t have boundaries, are always together and end up forgetting who they truly are without their partner. Forgetting who you were before a relationship is a common problem, but it unravels why you put yourself in that situation in the first place.


Did you want to change? Is that why you did this? Who have you become? How did you in face change? 

You have a life on your own, but it so happens to be wrapped around someone else, and theirs wrapped around yours. It’s sort of a mess, and that’s why people don’t like couples that are attached at the hip.


instant gratification 


In today’s age, there are so many more ways to meet people with online dating apps that people just get recycled into a number and experience. People are shown so many options that they gotta fuck everything that comes toward them to try to make something work, but it’s not working. There is some void deep down that needs instant gratification, that’s holding you back from being serious. Look deeper and you’ll find the reasons there are to love you.

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