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People are unsuccessful with love in the outside world; when they go to a matchmaker, they assume that I’m a magician and I can just make them married with no personal growth on their part. When you go to a matchmaker, like a life coach, you need to be open for change, be ready to bend and transcend yourself into your core being. I personally make sure my clients are safe, have thorough screening processes, and compatibility screenings so you have chemistry with your match.

When you come to me, you have to be a positive and realistic person, have a quality character (no fakes), and be emotionally and financially stable. Since every relationship needs chemistry and compatibility, I make sure all the matches will be right for you using my three-part compatibility process from my pharmaceutical days.


Meeting someone one your own will take you more than six months and your match might not be right for you. Come to MTN Matchmaking to find your match!


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