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Workplace Romance, taboo? 


Entering a workplace romance is a tricky situation. When feelings start to arise, question whether or not you’re falling for this person because you’re around them all the time, or if you truly feel love for them. It doesn’t have to be love, either, it can just be a strong attraction. Whenever I think about workplace romances, my mind always goes to the tv show “The Office.” This show broadcasts the American Workplace and the various relationships that ensue.

We all know of this show, obviously. But, the relationships hyperbolize the realities of said romances. When entering into one, you can be putting your job at risk. Having a relationship with one of your superiors is not a good idea because of the unbalanced power dynamics within the relationship’s romance and professionalism. Just a word of caution: be wary of entering a workplace romance, because it might not be worth it.

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