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We only get a few days in February and March that are sunny enough to go outside and have fun in the park. Make sure to prepare for those days when they come!


Ideas for Sunny Day activities:


  1. Go to Eisenhower Park! (East Meadow) You might get lucky and have it fall on the same day as their flea market. The market includes vendors, food, tarot readings, and fashion. Plan ahead and go find your favorite knick-knacks
  2. The Baci Cafe, right across the street from the park, is the perfect bistro to relax and have an amazing cappuccino
  3. The Sunrise Mall is not far away, neither is the Roosevelt Field Mall! Take today to take in the sun from behind the skylights.


Have fun with the sunshine! We only get a few days of temperate weather this month!

Maureen Tara Nelson

Author Maureen Tara Nelson

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