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Treat Yourself…to Fitness

Fitness is the Business


This winter Maureen Tara Nelson is suggesting you get into your fitness! Don’t be a lazy-couch-potato-chip, instead, bring the chips to the park and have a nice day out with your friends. No matter how you get yourself outside and enjoy the weather, Maureen is pleading that you take the time to stretch and build your stamina. As she always says, a healthy heart and body is a healthy mind. You can’t sell yourself short, anybody can get up and go have fun. It doesn’t have to be strenuous, a simple stroll in the park is perfectly fine.

Maureen Tara Nelson has been seeing a trainer for a few weeks and is completely hooked. Having a personal trainer sheds away all the personal shame you have about your body and gives you the confidence to go get what you came for. Don’t wait, go get your rocking body right now, and most of all, stay healthy!


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Maureen Tara Nelson

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