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First Date Ideas!

Maureen Tara Nelson is very firm in her assertions for perfection, chivalry, and class on the first date. Since we are having a Grand Re-opening of our New York City office, headed by the fabulous Jason Berlin, we’re giving you the perfect ideas for first dates in NYC.

First off, we have rules; stick to two drinks, max, and make sure the gentleman picks up the check, for at least the first three dates. Maureen Tara Nelson believes that the man should pick up the check, but insists that the woman say, “Thank You” and pick up the tip.


  1. A low-key, candle-lit, dive bar: Manitoba’s! This alternative, grungy bar on the lower east side is the perfect spot for a simple outing with your date. Among young professionals in lower Manhattan, Manitoba’s takes the pressure off the first date and allows you to become more intimate and thought-provoking. The scenery is to die for with walls full of history in music and love.
  2. Fancy Cocktails is the most unique and wacky cocktail you could ever find in Brooklyn. In Williamsburg, this signature drink spot enlightens the vapidity of Brooklyn with its New England style seafood, craft beer menu, and ever so bright cocktails.
  3. The Library on Avenue A offers the best scenery for the first date. B-movies, cheap beer and drinks, and exquisite ambiance. The walls lined with books adds personality and offers the never-ending desire to get drunk in a library. As our #1 choice, this bar is the spot to absolutely bring your date; it’s not touristy, hammy, or full of posers, so feel free to enjoy The Library for all it offers.



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