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After your first date getting drinks with your future significant other, you’re going to need a few more ideas to spark some magic.



    1. Go to the grocery store and cook dinner! Simplicity shows that you’re not boring and that you can carry the night on your back without having to rely on gimmicks and tricks. Go to Trader Joe’s for their cheap wine deals!
    2. Go to your favorite hotspot, bar, or restaurant. Whatever it is, it’ll show your personality and taste to your future S/O.
    3. Dates don’t have to be expensive, go to both of your favorite fast food/NYC grub staples: Artichoke, Katz’s Deli, Dollar Pizza, or Paul’s!
    4. Happy Hour is big in NYC.  From mimosas to fried cheese balls, these sweet drinks and savory snacks are to die for!
    5. Going to a walk to an independent bookstore is the perfect way to open up and find out something new about each other.

Second Dates are for finding depth

Second Dates are for finding depth. You should want to open and show your date what makes you, you. Instead of finding something typical and generic, show them all the aspects of your life that influence your spirit and personality.



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