At MTN Matchmaking, Maureen Tara Nelson employs positive thinking

At MTN Matchmaking, Maureen Tara Nelson employs positive thinking, also speaking good vibes and goals into existence. This has resulted in her success from a small business owner to Long Island’s Only Matchmaker.



Add Positivity to Your Summer


How to Emit Positivity:


      1. Speak things into existence
      2. Make a goal/dream board
      3. Make a list of lifetime goals and aspirations for your future
      4. Keep a journal about your progress every day toward achieving your dreams.
      5. Take time to be creative; read, draw, doodle, paint, or do a puzzle
      6. Take a bubble bath with essential oils and moisturizers like African black soap and/or Shea butter.
      7. Make sure you stay physically and emotionally active. Going to the gym and seeing a psychotherapist go hand in hand. Keeping a balance mind and body helps you find your center in the universe.


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