At MTN Matchmaking, Maureen Tara Nelson employs positive thinking, also speaking good vibes and goals into existence. This has resulted in her success from a small business owner to Long Island’s Only Matchmaker.




How to Emit Positivity:


      1. Speak things into existence
      2. Make a goal/dream board
      3. Make a list of lifetime goals and aspirations for your future
      4. Keep a journal about your progress every day toward achieving your dreams.
      5. Take time to be creative; read, draw, doodle, paint, or do a puzzle
      6. Take a bubble bath with essential oils and moisturizers like African black soap and/or Shea butter.
      7. Make sure you stay physically and emotionally active. Going to the gym and seeing a psychotherapist go hand in hand. Keeping a balance mind and body helps you find your center in the universe.


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