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Singles make a very common mistake on first dates and at many times it makes it impossible to get that second date. Both men and women do this on almost every single “first date” and wonder why they never get a second date.

Here’s why!

Singles many times subconsciously self-sabotage a date and actually look for things wrong. Crazy right? Well, it’s being done almost all the time! But if you follow these guidelines, it will improve your chances of getting that second date and I can almost guarantee it. On a first date, singles routinely will look to find things wrong with their date and do not even realize they are doing it. If you look for things wrong with anyone, you will find them. No one is perfect, and no one is going to meet every single one of your prerequisites. So what do you do?

New Dating Methods

Stop yourself the first time you notice that you found something wrong with your date once it happens, and now that the cat is out of the bag, you will hopefully take my advice and stop yourself from this common negative behavioral pattern.

If you go into every single first date with the mindset of finding FIVE great things about the person you are with, you will actually surprise yourself that they will have at least five great things about themselves, especially if they are a match made by us at MTN Matchmaking! If you consciously make yourself aware of this before each first date and are realistic to the fact that no one can have a list of everything on your bucket list, you will not only enjoy the date more, but it will turn into a second date set.


Then again, on date number two, find five more great things about your date! And that is what is going to make you successful in finding love.

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