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Hot Couple Summer


We all know #HotGirlSummer and #HotBoySummer is happening at full blast, and that’s great! But what happens if you’re in a relationship?

Can you have a Hot Couple Summer? It doesn’t roll off the tongue smoothly, does it?


Sometimes couples can be around people and still feel left out. When you become a couple, it could be isolating; people treat you like you’re just one person, not two individuals. Amongst this HotGirlSummer, we need to find the alone time that will revitalize your relationship and make this summer much better. Instead of going out on the weekend with your friends, go to their pool party or day-event, but spend the night together all alone, having dinner, drinks, and loving each other.

This summer is full of BBQs, Breweries, and Beaches; Most couples feel obligated to go to at least 2 events a month, make their presence known, and then leave to go home and sleep, but this takes all the fun out of what’s supposed to be a pleasant event. Be honest, if you don’t want to go, just don’t go, and make up an excuse that’s believable or vaguely true so they don’t feel bad. Just because it’s an HGS, doesn’t mean you can’t have ‘couple moments’, just make sure to inform your Hot Girls and Boys.




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