sometimes summer isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be


Having a summer bummer is a real thing. Most people, during the summer, find that the sun is shining bright, and all is good; on the other hand, summer can be lonely and full of missed opportunities. The ‘FOMO‘ (Fear of Missing Out) is real. Sometimes we aren’t up for events and hangouts, and we just want to stay home in the air conditioning.


All is not lost! If you’re having a summer bummer, make sure to call and check out MTN Matchmaking! We have multiple summer programs designed for your convenience; its head is Long Islands #1 Matchmaker, Maureen Tara Nelson, with 17 years of experience, and almost 2000 select clients to choose from.

Summer doesn’t have to be boring. Yes, you have friends to hang out with, but with MTN you could be going on lovely and sultry dates that will lead you on your way to finding your soulmate. With MTN’s assistance, your summer could be thriving with dates and the possibility of finding ‘the one.’



Don’t let your summer go to waste! Make sure to sign up to take summer up on all it has to offer. 





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