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why do men hate strong women? 


It’s a tale as long as time that men do not prefer women being in a strong position. A position of power is threatening to their masculinity. But what if I told you that you can avoid this toxic masculinity and false chivalry? Internet dating is full of weirdos; you never know what you’re going to get…and if you think you do, you’re wrong. Usually, if you deny them politely and say you’re not interested, you are bombarded with insults and degrading messages. This gross display of ignorance is not acceptable.

At MTN Matchmaking, this will not be tolerated! You do not have to sacrifice your time to find love easily. Internet dating is a quick fix and an ineffective way of finding permanent love. At MTN Matchmaking, you will find compatible and professional singles in your area; they are carefully and hand-selected by our matchmaker, Maureen Tara Nelson, that match your interests and needs. MTN Matchmaking makes it a priority to be a haven away from the misogyny in the internet dating scene. We do not tolerate insecurities around their power and position in relationships and seek to urge them to rethink their obscure views of dominance over women. We would also like to recognize all the strong and accepting men in our program that respect women’s hustle. It’s not easy being a woman nowadays, and we cherish their support. Start MTN Matchmaking and find a man that respects you!




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