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Tune into Miller and the Rockstar!


Tonight, January 2nd, 2019, Maureen Tara Nelson will be a part of the first show of the Village Connection Network Radio Show of 2020! She will be joining the returning Miller and the Rockstar starring Stephen Miller and James J. Savalli, featuring musical guest Joe Cross.

Maureen Tara Nelson will be discussing the world of matchmaking based on her 18 years in the industry. We will be talking about dating, relationships, marriage, and sex, so make sure to tune in tonight!


The Village Connection Network extends deep into the Long Island community. They have created projects with some of the biggest businesses and the most creative writers, artists, photographers, and musicians. The network includes our print and digital publication as well as www.villageconnectionradio.com which now reaches over 160,000 listeners weekly…



Maureen Tara Nelson

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