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Cuomo and Coronavirus


Governor Cuomo, Bloomberg Announce Unprecedented New York COVID-19 ...



As you most likely already know, MTN Matchmaking’s survey on the most eligible men in New York was a tie by Chris Cuomo and Governor Andrew Cuomo! We did an interview with 1010 WINS radio show on their new status as ‘sex symbols’ that got picked up by multiple media sources. Cuomo fever is in full effect!

Entertainment News (etonline.com) said: “Governor Andrew Cuomo is working hard to fight the coronavirus outbreak in New York, and it seems his bold efforts have made him something of a romance magnet for fans everywhere. The governor, it would appear, doesn’t have any problem with it…Recently, professional matchmaker Maureen Tara Nelson revealed that, according to a survey she’d conducted, Andrew and his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, have been named the most desirable men in New York City”

We know that Chris is married… but nonetheless, he is hot, just like his brother. Recently, their presence in the media-news cycle has given them so much popularity, not just with New Yorker’s, but with the entire country. Maureen Tara Nelson frequently says, “I had no idea who Chris Cuomo was before this,” which is a common comment on her social media. The Cuomo brothers reach across the aisle of democrat and republican because they are so charismatic and charming. Regardless of your political alignment, we can all agree, they are drop-dead gorgeous.

Fox News (foxnews.com) said: “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo lightened up the mood in what has been an otherwise tense and tumultuous few months due to the coronavirus by joking that he is an eligible bachelor in New York City. ‘I am eligible,’ Cuomo said during an interview with 1010 WINS”

Certainly, right now is the time for him to be repairing the state of New York, not his heart. MTN Matchmaking understands that this is a serious time for our governor. We are not looking to match him up right now, but once this pandemic is under wraps, we would love to set him up with one of our lovely clients. Maureen stated in the 1010 WINS interview, that Gov. Cuomo needs somebody on his level. He works hard and long hours, and he needs someone to be okay with that. Once the coronavirus and quarantine are over, Andrew Cuomo is officially on the market!















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