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Now when you call for information (516-444-2861) to set up your free consultation it can be done over the phone or through FaceTime from the comfort of your own home.

We are also having our clients do virtual dating which our clients are loving-Due to social distancing.


Finding the Romance in Virtual Dating


How to Make Virtual Dating Romantic


Men—make sure you are in charge of how you present yourself. To feel your best, you must look your best.

  • Shave/trim your face, have your roommate or family member give you a haircut or shape-up if you dare, and please shower.
  • Dress the scene and create some ambiance.
  • Dress spiffy, have a drink to calm your nerves and finish setting the mood.
  • Have soft ambient music playing in the background, so you can feel the romance.

Women—look your best, yes…even in a pandemic.

  • Use this as an opportunity to doll up and feel normal again.
  • Do your makeup, hair, light some candles, have a glass of wine (if that’s what you like), and get your outfit ready.
  • Lighting is very important! Have a soft, white light in front of you so you are perfectly lit.

Both—video chatting can be awkward, but remember, you are having fun here! It is not that serious. It’s just a date.

  • Virtual dating can create a lot of suspense, so make sure to be cool, calm, and collected when the time comes.
  •  Lastly, always follow our usual dating do’s and don’ts in your welcome packet.


First DateFaceTime ~30 Minutes

Remember, DO NOT Self Sabotage! It is easy, especially over FaceTime, to discount someone as a potential match. Make sure you find five characteristics that you are attracted to in your match.

Second DateZoom or Skype ~45 Minutes

Set a theme! Go off the interests you have written down from your first date. For example, if you noticed your match loves margaritas, make them together over zoom or skype. Make sure to be flirty and show off your personality, because you can only make a good impression once.

Third DateZoom or Skype ~1 hour

Choose either a more romantic setting or a more fun setting.

If you are feeling the chemistry. Have fun, dress sexy, and be playful.

Or if you like the idea of having fun—download the app Houseparty and play games together.




Maureen Tara Nelson

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