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All survivors deal with going through breast cancer differently. Setting goals to help yourself get through this disease is essential…My goal was to force myself to always be positive and trust that God would take care of me for my two young sons. I prayed constantly to my mother to give me the strength to deal with having breast cancer, seven years ago. If you are going through breast cancer right now, think of one goal you can try to achieve every single day of this very difficult process. Every day try to meet that goal, even though it will be hard. By putting out positive energy, you will eventually reach that goal! 

On a personal note, as a survivor for seven years now, my goal was to have a smile on my face every time my boys saw me regardless of how much pain I was in or how depressed I felt. Some days were naturally harder than others but I knew having them see a smile on my face would make it easier on them and have them worry less. Some days I had to force that smile, some days I smiled with tears in my eyes which I would simply say were happy tears… I can assure you by having them see me smiling every time they saw me subconsciously even put out positive energy into the universe, and as we all know when you do that, the positive energy will always return to us.


What is your goal to help you get through this process that will help you bring about positive energy?

I can and will help you through this process. Email me at maureen@mtnmatchmaking.com with any questions you have about going through the breast cancer process. If you are single and would like to begin dating again? Please check out our social media and enter our contest where everyone is a winner!


“This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. This year’s contest is going to be better than ever.” Breast Cancer Awareness Month is all about education and prevention and living your best life. This year MTN Matchmaking is giving away a free screening process, interview, and match valued at $500 dollars. Just email (maureen@mtnmatchmaking.com) in your story and other personal details AND YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE A WINNER! The last day to enter is October 31st and winners will be announced on November 1st. Winners will also be offered coaching and advice on how to find love after dealing with Breast Cancer. Winners will also receive a PINK MASK AND GOODIE BAG. Hopefully, they will find LOVE.  






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