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Women need to stick together. A sisterhood, if you will. If you find yourself lonely and not confident, finding a group of girlfriends can really help you. If you want to be empowered and have your confidence renewed, finding a good group of friends that build you up will help you break out of your shell.

Sometimes when you are focusing on dating you lose sight of your friendships. But when you go back to your old girlfriends in your life, your entire personality changes. This is really important because it grounds you back to your roots and where you came from. Make sure not to lose sight of where you came from because when you are not feeling confident, it’s really easy to judge your success harshly.

If your girlfriends aren’t making you feel good about yourself, look through their POV at yourself, and if you are still disappointed, drop them. Life is too short to have toxic friends in your circle. It only takes one rotten fruit to spoil the rest. Their negative energy is not helpful and you need to put yourself in positive environments in order to have positive life success.

Having a good group of girlfriends is helpful with dating. It sounds untrue because you would think that their presence is taking away from your future partners time, but in reality, we need both to succeed. Somethings you can’t say to your partner or your friends, so it’s good to have both at your disposal. Your girlfriends should be building you up and making you feel youthful and confident, which is helpful if you are seeking someone to spend the rest of your life with.

Having balance in your social groups is key. A disorganized circle of friends will lead to disorganized feelings. The popularity of Taylor Swift’s ‘girl-squad’ helped spark female empowerment, but also ridicule because of the lack of inclusivity. It’s pertinent that we not break each other down during these trying times for modern intersectional feminism.

Join the sisterhood,

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