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4 Different Ways You Can Tell He Is the One for You!

  1. How Does He Act When You’re Apart?
    Some would consider this to be the ultimate test! Don’t always make the plans, let him put the effort in as well when it comes to seeing you. If he tries to set up a time even with his busy schedule, he’s definitely interested.
  2. Keep Note on How He Acts when He is With You!
    Does he ask questions that will help him get to know you more? The more he wants to know, the more he cares! Nothing is more flattering than having the person you’re into be interested in what you’re all about.
  3. How Does He Handle Being with You in Larger Crowds with His Close Friends?
    Even in this type of environment, are you still a priority to him? If one of his main goals is to introduce you to everyone, you know he really cares about you. Meeting the most important people in his life shows you how important you are to him.
  4. How Does He Act when You Disagree on a Situation?
    A disagreement can show a person’s true colors! Now remember, it is okay to disagree on certain things. What matters most is how someone fights. Make sure there are no put downs or insults within your conversation. No matter what, there should always be mutual respect! If you can successfully talk out a disagreement then he is a keeper!

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