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How Old Is Too Old For A Successful Relationship?

Age is just a number and shouldn’t be an issue because we girls always mature faster! It can be a successful relationship as long as they fit these 5 rules of thumb…

  1. Do You Share Similar Interests?
    As long as there are no generation gap issues you are fine! Sharing similar interests to the person you care about means you are compatible and that is the most important aspect of a successful relationship. If you are compatible, you only need to see if chemistry will develop.
  2. Is Your Significant Other Young at Heart?
    Make sure he does not look old enough to be your father! Your partner being young at heart will only maintain excitement within your relationship. If he has energy like yourself, you will not even notice an age difference!
  3. They Must Be Healthy!
    Of course you want them to be healthy for obvious reasons! If he is as healthy as you are, his age should not even be a factor. I have matched hundreds of successful couples where both did not make age a factor and they are happily married to this day.
  4. Are they on the Same Activity Level as You?
    I know many women who like to play tennis on Sunday mornings, as an example. If you are one of them and your man can get on the court with you and keep up with you, then his age should not matter!
  5. You Must Be Sexually Compatible!
    Guys, as long as you can perform and keep up with your lady in bed, then you will be a great match! And ladies, as long as he is satisfying you in that department, isn’t that more important than his age?

Here at MTN Matchmaking Inc. our matches are always based on compatibility in three different ways. If you are in love and are sexually compatible, you certainly will have chemistry and you need both for a successful relationship!

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