n The 3 Most Common, Uncomfortable Questions to Ask When Dating Someone by Maureen Tara Nelson - MTN Matchmaking

What Do You Do When You Dislike their Cologne?

1. Do not be afraid to tell him what your favorite cologne is. You can mention a few other brands and see if he gets the hint!

2. If that first strategy does not work, then just be honest! Let him know you are not a fan of his cologne. Make sure to say it in a flirty and sweet way.

When the Woman Makes More Money than the Man

1. If you are equal in every other way, then do not let this ruin something great! If you are compatible and have chemistry, does it really matter?

2. If he is bringing so many great qualities to the table, you do not need to worry about this at all!

How Do You Ask a Guy if He Can Shave Down there?

1. Tell him how sexy you find it when guys shave. Remember, say this in a cute and flirty way! He is going to want to please you!

2. Guys- Please shave down there! Most ladies prefer it. Less is more!

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