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When dating has been simplified to the point of swiping right or left on your phone, it can be disheartening and difficult to find Mr. or Ms. Right. But in this fast and twitchy age of online and app dating, there’s still hope for the, well, hopeless romantic out there. Maureen Tara Nelson, owner of Dan’s Best of the Best winner MTN Matchmaking, still believes in love and has a proven method of making it happen for those seeking committed relationships.

Nelson, a relentlessly positive and empowering woman who has made more than 1,000 successful matches, began MTN Matchmaking 12 years ago as a way of helping people find compatibility and chemistry. But she didn’t start out as a matchmaker; rather, she used her know-how of another industry to create a unique way of getting to know people.

“I have used my training as a former pharmaceutical rep in my matching of my clients,” explains Nelson. “They taught us we had five minutes to learn a doctor’s personality, and we only had seven minutes with the doctor.” Nelson matches people based on a three-step process she developed herself. “I specialize upon three parts of compatibility, and a person’s five must-haves [in a partner],” she says. “I don’t use a computer like other matchmakers, I hand-select matches.”

Those three steps Nelson uses are intuitive and straightforward. “The first step is the homework. When a client calls up, we have a very thorough screening process,” she says. “So they have to pass the process before they come in for their free consultation. Once they pass the screening process, they’re given homework to do—what their five best qualities are. The second part of their homework is to let us know the five must-haves of the guy or the girl. Every match I send out, they are compatible in three different ways and each match will have all five of their must-haves. That’s why the program works so well. No other Matchmaker knows how I do this. I developed it myself.”

Nelson continues, “The second step is my assessment of them when I meet with them, for at least an hour. Again, I’m using my pharmaceutical rep knowledge, I’m watching their body language, and their nonverbal communication…they can basically talk about anything so I can get to know their personality. The third part of the compatibility analysis is a personality test that I do on all of my clients. I do it the night I meet with them, so it’s fresh in my mind. And I don’t need them for that. Thousands of people have asked me which personality test I use; I’m not going to give that up!”

As for those wondering if a Matchmaking service is for them, Nelson notes that her clientele range from ages 21–87. But Nelson doesn’t accept everyone who inquires about her service. “Every one is a nice, positive person. Every one is emotionally stable. They know what they want. Most people recognize the people that are on the internet dating sites don’t know what they want, and that’s why if things get too close, they head for the hills; that’s called ghosting. So all of my clients are coming in here, paying money and proving to me that they know what they want. Every one is financially stable or very financially stable,” Nelson says. MTN Matchmaking fees start at just under $1,000, so it’s an investment, but one that Nelson believes helps weed out people who aren’t going to be committed.

Unlike most matchmakers, Nelson shows photos of her clients prior to matching. Nelson has also matched celebrities, and emphasizes that she believes in every client’s privacy and safety. And Nelson is now expanding her service to include same-sex couples in the coming months.

Finding love can be hard, but Nelson is a true believer. “It’s a 15-hour day for me, but I love it and I choose to do it,” she says. “I’m very blessed.”

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