All programs at MTN Matchmaking include a profile analysis where your matchmaker conducts this based upon your personality. The screening process will be conducted and you will know if you pass our screening process and approved for our membership within 15 minutes of the interview. All interviews will be conducted in a fun atmosphere. The compatibility analysis is next which is based upon Maureen's private and personalized three-part method insuring every client will be compatible in three different areas. It is based upon the client's view of them-self, the matchmaker's own analysis and a personality test which will be conducted by the matchmaker after the interview. This personalized method has lead to over 1,000 success stories and is unique only to MTN Matchmaking which sets us apart from every other matchmaking service. Photos will be taken by the Matchmaker at the end of the interview. More details will be available when you call to setup you free consultation. ♡

Trial Program

Our trial program raises the bar from online dating platforms. This is perfect for singles in their 20s, those that are re-entering the single world being either legally separated or divorced, and widowers designed as an introduction to our programs for a minimal cost.

Deluxe Program

The deluxe program is designed for singles that are financially stable but have a limited budget. This program includes dating and coaching by one of our team members. All the details of dating coaching will be explained in-detail during your interview.

VIP Program

This program offers unlimited matches and one of our Matchmakers will be your dating coach. All the details of these advantages will be explained during your interview. This program offers the most value for our clients that are financially stable.

Elite Program

The elite program is designed for very financially stable singles wishing to meet singles that are all very financially stable. Dating coaching is provided by Maureen Tara Nelson, the owner of MTN Matchmaking. Each client receives personal marketing, where in addition to our 2,000 plus clients, Maureen and her Matchmakers market our Elite clients at every event they attend (typically 1-3 events each week). Clients also receive priority selection over other clients and have access to the newest clients first.

MTN Matchmaking Services ♡

Celebrity Program

Celebrities on Long Island and Manhattan, as well as throughout the country, benefit from MTN Matchmaking’s very private and confidential top-notch services. It is up to the client if they want their photo and name discussed at all prior to their meeting. This program is personalized and tailored towards the needs of each particular celebrity. Unlike other services that range from $10,000 to $100,000, our celebrity program is only $6,500. Why? This is our way of proving that we are in this business simply to help people find love.